Little Idea Wing CHun


Little Idea Wing Chun

Wing Chun Kung-Fu is a straight-forward, efficient fighting system known for its lightning-fast hands, devastating low kicks and ruthless counter-attacks. It is a fighting system, rather than a style, meaning it gives you the combat principles, techniques to express these, and some ideas on how to make the art your own - after a lot of hard work mastering these things, the rest is up to you.

Class Schedule

Monday: 8pm-10pm
Wednesday: 8pm-10pm


We do not accept drop-by visitors. Little Idea Wing Chun is a private invitation-only club.  We are accepting new students.  If interested, please contact Peter Morson.  

Little Idea Wing Chun of West Seattle is a non-commercial school. Classes are small, and there are no testing fees, no t-shirts for sale, and no fees other than our modest monthly dues. We work on Wing Chun fundamentals, and emphasize the practical application of the system.